Awareness campaign on the threats faced by women journalists

Mandated by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, Upperkut develops a social media campaign on the safety of women journalists.

Around the world, and right here in Canada, women journalists need courage and resilience to be able to do their jobs and have their voices heard. The violence and injustices that they endure daily show us that there is still a long way to go to change mentalities and behavior. This situation has unfortunately worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought about more cyberharassment.

Working with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, Upperkut therefore developed a social media campaign, based on a series of stories told by four women journalists. Th campaign aims to raise awareness among the general Canadian public and mobilize the news community around the issue of the safety of their female peers.

In order to properly reflect the strength, resilience and professionalism of the women journalists whose stories are presented in the campaign, the agency called on the services of illustrator Sophie Casson. “I wanted to bring to life the stories of these brave women who face incredible adversity just by doing their job,” she said.

The graphic and typographic content, animations and illustrations that have been developed for the campaign will be published on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn during the month of June.