Le Quartier des spectacles: experiencing culture in all its effervescence

The Quartier des spectacles is the cultural heart of Montreal. Its one square kilometre is home to more than 80 cultural venues, including 30 performance spaces, 40 festivals and events, and 8 vibrant public places.

Upperkut was given the mandate to create and produce promotional videos aimed at promoting events for upcoming seasons.

“The challenge in this project consisted of presenting all the eclectic richness of the Quartier’s programming, while never losing sight of the inventiveness that animates our client. At Upperkut,  we use all the new technologies of communication and the arts to stimulate our creativity, so we’re proud to help Montreal expand its presence, not only in Quebec, but throughout the world,” notes Marc Hallé, the agency’s studio director, producer and co-director of the videos.

12 months a year and almost every hour of the day, both Montrealers and visitors flock to its festivals, events, performance spaces and public places. Dazzling and bold in a unique urban landscape, the Quartier des spectacles is a must-visit destination to experience culture in all its effervescence.