Vincent Vallières supports the FIQ in its “That’s enough.” campaign

Montréal, November 24, 2014 – The Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ) teams up with the social communications agency Upperkut to launch its new campaign promoting the importance of healthcare professionals, featuring renowned singer-songwriter Vincent Vallières.

The fight for safe, high-quality healthcare as the “Barrette reform” dawns will be supported by one of the most admired voices on the contemporary cultural scene in Québec. Boasting 15 ADISQ nominations, three Félix awards, among them the soon-to-be classic On va s’aimer encore, Vincent Vallières collaborates with the FIQ to say “That’s enough. Caring for patients comes first.”

“When members of the FIQ asked me to help them, I said yes right away,” said Vallières, who can be seen on TV and the Web alongside Régine Laurent, president of the FIQ, in an awareness and mobilization campaign that appears on many platforms. The singer-songwriter, whose father is a nurse, is well aware that healthcare professionals give their hearts and souls every day to take care of patients.

It’s this desire to provide Quebecers with safe, high-quality healthcare services that is at the heart of the awareness campaign created by the social communications agency Upperkut.

In addition to TV, Vincent Vallières and the president of the FIQ can be heard on the radio. The FIQ campaign also appears on the Web, in social media, in outdoor advertising, and newspapers.


The Fédération represents nearly 65,000 professionals in nursing and cardiopulmonary care, the vast majority of them nurses, auxiliary nurses, respiratory therapists, and perfusionists working in public establishments in Québec. For more information: